The dog-friendly hotel in Lenk

All about your holiday with your dog.

Your four-legged friend is welcome here at Hotel Waldrand. Our bedrooms have smooth flooring (no carpets) therefore dogs can stay in the bedrooms. They are not, however, allowed to sleep in their master’s or mistress’s bed.

Please let us know when you book if you are bringing your dog. We will be happy to arrange for a dog blanket or a basket and food and drink bowls in your room. As your dog’s nutrition is specialised, please bring dog food with you.


Overnight accommodation per dog (without food): CHF 17.-

Dogs in the restaurant.

Well-behaved dogs are allowed in the restaurant if they lie under the table and are calm and quiet. Dogs are not allowed in the breakfast room on account of the uncovered buffet. You may, however, bring your dog to breakfast with you. We will happily set a table at the front of the restaurant.