For the love of our children and the mountains.

A coherent overall concept

Solar power

We produce the electricity for the hotel ourselves using a solar power system on the roof.


Organic products

All soaps, shower gels in the rooms as well as all washing and cleaning detergents which are used at the hotel, are organic / biological products. For the hotel laundry we exclusively use solar power.


Electric charging station

You can recharge your car and e-bike with solar electricity at our hotel.


Further measures

Building envelope: triple-glazed windows and doors, special utilisation of solar radiation into the building by irradiating the south side, use of a vapour barrier

Heat supply: Air heat pump

Power generation: Photovoltaics and green electricity

Lighting: use of LED lighting and motion and presence detectors, presence and brightness-dependent lighting control

Energy management: regular analysis of energy consumption, use of smart meters

Use of food: avoidance of food waste, avoidance of disposable packaging, waste separation and recycling

Other: use of centralised timers and sensors, speed control for pumps, new A+++ kitchen appliances, heat pump dryers